Dr. Michela Tacca MBSR trainer

Dr. Michela Tacca

I still remember the day when at a friend's place in Italy, a woman, that I met for the first time, said she was doing a course and wanted to lead a meditation with us. Back then, I had no idea what a body scan or MBSR was, but the body scan was what she was teaching us.

What it feels like a life after, there I was in New York, doing my Ph.D. research on the role of attention in structuring visual and cognitive representations, and I found myself reading with enthusiasm about the effect of meditation on attention and visual perception. This is when I have got to know Mindfulness as a discipline, and learnt about the MBSR program and its beneficial impact.

I have been meditating since some years now, and combined my academic work with a real interest in teaching mindfulness as a method to help people better their life conditions. I am also interested in introducing mindfulness-based approaches in work environments and schools, to increase the quality of our our work-life and education.