On May 2017, Next Media Accelerator invited me to give a presentation on mindfulness in the startup world, and then they interviewed me. Here are my thoughts on mindfulness for startups and entrepreneurs.

interview Michela Tacca


Below, are some of the publication on attention, that I worked on during my Ph.D. and post-doc research period.

Cahen, A., Tacca, M.C. (2013). Linking Perception and Cognition, Front. Psychol.
Tacca, M.C. (2011). Commonalities between Perception and Cognition, Front. Psychol.
Tacca, M.C. (2010). Seeing Objects: The Structure or Visual Representation. Mentis.

Guided Meditations

The body scan is a guided journey through your body, as you bring your attention to each of your body’s regions. Through regular practice, concentration and mindfulness (a flexible, moment-to-moment, non-judging awareness) will be cultivated and increased. The body scan can help you to experience and explore profound moments of stillness and well-being, get in contact with and accept your body as it is, and learn to welcome and work effectively with all body sensations.


Sitting Meditation: The practice of mindfulness meditation in a formal sitting posture, either on a straight-backed chair, or on the floor on a cushion. Sitting meditation is the traditional core practice of mindfulness meditation.


A Ted Talk on How Chronic Stress Affects Your Brain, by Madhumita Murgia.
Stress isn’t always a bad thing, but when it’s continuous, it actually begins to change your brain structure and how it functions.


Jon Kabat-Zinn, the founder of the MBSR program, reflects on Mindfulness.